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Management Redefined:


No More Status Quo! Challenge, Innovate, & Lead Your People With Purpose.

People Don’t Quit Companies, They Quit Their Managers!


of top performers leave companies due to poor management.


of U.S. Workers attribute stress to poor management.


of revenue in every business is wasted on poor management.

The cost isn’t just a line item on a balance sheet; it’s also measured in the loss of talent, opportunity, and potential.

What’s more alarming is that an astonishing 98% of managers confess they were thrown into their roles without adequate training, leaving them to navigate the complex waters of leadership alone.

If you’ve lost employees because of poor management or promoted a staff member to manager overnight because the company had an immediate need…

You are not alone.

If you are looking to:

  • Stop wasting money & losing good people
  • Build a high performing dream team, and
  • Propel your small business to new heights of success and stability.

You’ve come to the right place.

Meet The Visionary Behind North Star’s Leadership Revolution



My name is Miles Welch, and for the past 20 years I’ve helped businesses big and small achieve more with their current pool of talent than they ever thought possible.

At North Star Training Solutions, we steer away from band-aid solutions and the robotic practice of managerial tasks.

The reality is…
In the world today, only 22% of employees are engaged at work.

The cost of employee disengagement is a whopping $11 Trillion annually!

But here’s the kicker…

The #1 factor determining whether an employee is engaged or disengaged?

Their direct supervisor!

Ignoring leadership training inside your business is like throwing money into a paper shredder.

I started North Star Training Solutions to solve these problems and more.

Our approach is grounded in real-world application so that every manager we train can navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence, empathy, and effectiveness.

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The North Star Difference:

Leadership Training That Moves Your Business Forward

Hands-On Growth

Real change comes from doing. We empower your leaders with practical tools, not just concepts, enabling them to enact tangible improvements and inspire their teams from the get-go.

Customized Coaching

Just like no two fingerprints are alike, we know your business has its own identity. Our programs are designed to meet the distinct challenges and aspirations of your company, guaranteeing they hit the mark every time.

Committed Partnership

Effective change is a journey, not a quick fix. That’s why we commit to you for at least 12 months. We offer you onsite training, ongoing support, and resources to ensure the improvements are not just momentary but become the backbone of your company’s culture and success.

Measurable Results

Our clients see real differences—higher retention rates, increased productivity, and a stronger company culture are just the start. Investing in leadership training with us is an investment in your company’s growth and sustainability.

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North Star Training Solutions

A North Star Perspective: What Is Leadership?

In this video, Miles takes viewers on a thoughtful exploration of leadership, discussing his favorite ideas and insights on leading effectively.

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Miles Welch Definition of Leadership

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